Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fiskars Threading Water Punch

.. okay its been driving me nuts since I bought this punch, that it would be gorgeous to make corners with it and had half attempted to do the corners and then ended up putting everything in the bin I looked at youtube again and found videos showing how to match up the corners but getting around the whole page seemed to be the problem!!

these are the videos you can watch for matching up the guidelines on the punch and then I took it a step further by measuing bits of paper and the punch and came up with these.

the following samples are made by punching tghe length of the border ONCE only to avoid tearing and roughing up the paper or card, the only bits punched TWICE are the corner holes which you could also line up / check alignment by slipping the paper in and lining up by looking through the back.

Anyway, here are my samples and the measurements on the punched pieces are the measurements BEFORE you start punching from the corner points and using the guides on the punch.
HINT: make very sure you measure with a good ruler and a fine pencil so you measure the milimetres correctly - every little mm makes the difference!

I hope this tutorial is helpful and the explanation good to follow, and would LOVE to know if you found it successful too.
Please leave me a comment if it worked for you or if you have any resources or guidlines for making corners with this punch.

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