Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Changito and a Challenge for Making it with Meslyn

Seeing as its fathers day this month and I couldnt wait to use this Changito Stamp I got a while ago, I thought I could combine it with this month's mid month challenge.
pop over and enter a link to your card / project here on the challenge blog.

I made a square joy fold card, and there are other tutorials on you tube and craft sites / forums, but I have done another here so the card fits nicely into a standard square envelope and the diamond shape fits nicely too.

the diamond shape as a topper makes in quiet interesting and still allows the closure thing to work well.

the sentiment closure is optional, you dont need to add it but its nice to tuck the smaller folded shape into the base flap so it doesnt fall open!

here's the card

and here's how it all came together..

cut two pieces of card as follows and score as follows:
for the base card size is 7.75'' x 5.5'' then score at 5.5''
for the inner piece card size is 7'' x 3.5'' then score at 3.5''

you should end up with this:
SO, the larger / base piece is basically a square with a flap, the square measures 5.5'' x5.5'' and the flap will measure 2.25'' x 5.5'' and the flap folds over and covers HALF the size of the square base ...the inner piece folds exactly in half and measures 3.5'' x 3.5''
and this what they look like together
decorate the outer and inner flaps as much or as little as you like. this is the view of the insides of the inner and outer flaps - I left one side white for a message / sentiment on the inner flap and inked only the edges of the white side

more views of outside of the decorated flaps

to finish: glue the inside flap down onto the square paper covered base, taking care to make sure that you place it centrally, equally spaced between the sides.
add your topper to the outside of the inner flap (you can add this on in a diamond shape or if you would like it square on or want to stamp on your inner flap, thats an option too!)

here is a close up of how the closure works - make sure that before you stick your embellishment or sentiment down that its easy to tuck the inner flap in and pull it out again - I used good thick foam pads for this and played around with it before sticking it down permanently.
one final view to show how it closes:

I hope you found this tutorial helpful and if there's anything you're stuck on, just leave me a comment!


  1. Fab card Jess and thanks for showing how you made it too, might try it one day myself:-)

  2. Lovely card and doesn't too difficult even for me! I will be giving this a go soon. Thanks for the tutorial and all the pics.

  3. Fab card Jess, might make one of these for OH's birthday, it doen't look to difficult.