Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Present Idea

.. just posting this up a little late because i couldnt risk the recipients seeing them before they got them, so a few friends received some altered candy bars in handmade wrappers along with notelet cards in handmade boxes - hope you like them! with all the bad weather these were 'late' christmas presents..

large choc bar wrapping (the normal foile wrapping was silver so kept that and then added white and blue as a theme)

and here are the c6 notelets and their boxes

No Internet!! .. and of course the weather :-))

...well its like having your arm cut off at the elbow not having an internet. I have another mobile BB provider, and its even slower, so this post took ages to put up, but at least I have something to work with -so here are my last couple of Christmas cards to show you ( I had done similar ones but I wanted to try and embellish them differently)..and wow how wintry is it this year but its not funny when you get iced in.

Happy New year to everyone in 2010, may you find love health and happiness and everything you could wish for.

I hope all us crafters out there can craft even more this year too, and we are blessed with a nice warm summer when these wintry scenes decide to part.

In the meantime, I cant wait to see the snowdrops..