Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Deadline met! The biggest of the three blankets

Back after a mad few weeks, but so happy to see family from afar who came to visit in May, it had been way too long!

So I met the blanket deadline bit by bit and here is a snapshot taken rather hurriedly before gifting to my great nephew, so now I have two great nephews and a great niece and this blanket was the largest of the three as its suitable for a small bed and for a child to cuddle in front of the cartoons on the tele (or when camping!)

The blanket started out just in peach which is fine for a boy so after 400G I decided to change it and pulled it all back EEK. I had an idea to add pale aqua / pastel turquoise if there is such a thing??

I'm sure I spent more time sewing in ends (which I wanted to do well given this will be washed multiple times) than crocheting LOL But the stripes remind me of the seaside, sand water and bubbles 😉

I liked the end result BUT now I know I need smaller projects so mental note not to put myself under so much pressure, especially with CTS.  And a surprise today, date for hand surgery came through to relieve the carpal tunnel symptoms. Was told it will be about 2 mths wait, but letter quotes 20th July! I guess better to get it over with. I am fed up with night splints  which give me a lightly better sleep but still keep me awake and taking anti inflammatory tablets all day. My stomach and kidneys will be glad to get rid of those!!

So 10 days off and its an hr or two procedure so fairly quick. In the meantime I'm getting some more crafting in. What will I do if I cant have something creative in my hands for a few days? a few Netflix catch-ups and some reading.

Will pop back with something new soon. Enjoy your summer days, in-between the little bit of rain and hail, it has been nice and warm.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Long time, I know!

Hi Everyone, yes its way too long since I've posted and have neglected my blog I know!

A lot has happened over the last couple of years, most significant of which is a return to the UK to be closer to family and for a variety of other reasons. Selling and moving away from a home in the countryside we loved so much was indeed hard (and maybe I'm still on the way to accepting that!)

A sad day I never want to experience again :(. I miss a lot of special people I met in Ireland, you know who you are, and I will be back to visit.

I am happy to say that a little earlier than expected, we purchased our new home here in December 2017 and have now both secured permanent employment (back 9 - 5 monday to friday so routine is back and I'm loving that!!). I'm grateful for a room to have my craft stuff and it even overlooks a small field and is next to the local country park so we've heard geese over the last few days on account of the reservoir in the country park.  We're on the edge of a small town so not in a very busy place. It helps that my better half has a golf course next door too, that was a bonus :)

Nevertheless, I promised myself to continue to craft and take advantage of the increased number of craft suppliers over here (did you hear my bank account just groan!?).
I've hit a little hitch though, probably down to the last very manual job I did before my return to UK, my slight carpal symptoms have moved onto severe symptoms :(. So, the pre-surgery specialist appointment is due in around a month's time and  in around 2 - 3 months I will be in a lot better position without a dead hand!  Anti inflammatories, splints and anything else including frozen heat wraps, I'll try it all as the current sleep deprivation from tingling and numbness is not nice.

So sadly crafting is very limited, but for one who cant sit still, I took to knitting and crochet again and hauled out my old supplies.  Helped along by a work friend who I've hooked up with from years ago, Cheryl thanks for all your encouragement, I've missed you these last few years.

One of the things I was hoping to do on my return, was to visit TOFT which is around 20 mins from where I live, appreciate being that lucky!
I had a ball!  We even took a day off on a Thursday and went on the free farm tour to meet the alpacas, they are skittish animals and about the size of large sheep. I understand that some people keep them as pets too!  I am totally hooked by amigurumi, having only made granny row and granny square blankets in the past. Mom taught me to crochet and I could never read a pattern, it looked like greek when I attempted to decipher crochet instructions but now I'm on my way to understanding them finally. It's like the old lightlbulb cliche.....👀👀

Anyway here are some photos from the farm tour and the amigurumi basics workshop.

Cutie alpacas...

and this dark one was the shyest and my favourite 💗💗💗

Basics workshop was all about learning the stitches and to increase / basic shape. This would enable a beginner to finish the piglet.. here is the demo animal

ooh nice hand dyed yarn in the background.

So I have decided to make a beanie type animal in the form of Emma the bunny from the Edwards Menagerie book, and this is the start. from one who has knitted bears and other animals, these are so quick and gratifying to make..

I purchased plastic pellets from ebay as the beanie material and sewed a pyramid shape with polycotton fabric sourced from the works (mental note - they have some fab label dies i must go and review LOL!)

So after adding some polyester stuffing in the bottom and sides of the bunny body, I've now added my pyramid weight and the rest is WIP (work in progress).

I hope to bring an update after the current baby blanket project has been completed (deadline looming!)

So that's it for now. For those frequent blog readers in the past, I will be back with papercraft and some new things, and it would be great to hear what you've all been up to, so feel free to add a comment or two!

Here's hoping the cold weather departs soon and we see some more spring days. 🌷

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Pinterest Board!

Hi everyone, my pinterest board is located by clicking on the button below. 

 I am using pinterest for newer card designs, while I research a new blog platform

Snippets of my more recent projects and those I have enjoyed making the most!

Starting to tinker with Craft Artist software and digi stamps...

Cupcake picks for BlossomBakes

Cupcake picks and cake topper for Blossom Bakes

Cake ropper for BlossomBakes' Photo Shoot.


A 'Western' style wedding theme and toppers to go!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Card Making classes with Kay

As some of you are aware, my classes have been on hold for a while and will be for the near future due to work commitments, but I will still be adding inspiration to my pinterest board.
In the meantime, please contact Kay if you fancy a class and get together as Kay is going to be holding a few workshops from September and up to Christmas :)

Kay Roche will be hosting card classes in Ireland over the next few weeks, located in these areas:

Taghmon, Wexford
Dungarvan, Co Waterford
Kilkenny City
Mountmellick, Co Laois

Kay's Facebook page can be found HERE, and you can contact her on 087 202 6689 if you are interested in knowing more and going along.