Saturday, July 14, 2018

Altered Wine Box, Coasters and Place Mats

OK as promised, here are the photos and information for my latest finished project. I have loved making this over the last week or so, even if it meant waiting between coats of paint, serviette glue and Clear Coat, as I am so impatient to see the end result, but as they say all good things come to those who wait!!

Here's the box in stages


assembled with the use of a PVA / wood glue to secure

painted with off white chalky paint

a little Steel Blue Viva Decor creme metallic paint introduced 

... and what did I learn?? A tall box like this may have been easier to assemble if the main flat panels were painted before assembly (leaving the assembly corner notches unpainted as they slot in tightly with a little glue).

 I made my own rustic twisted cord using thin garden twine.

Next to decoupage on the napkins, note the butterflies were from another random napkin set..
I used the Serviette glue for this and a good quality fine brush.
First apply a thin layer of glue, covering fully then tear the napkin to approximate size and then use another thin layer of glue to brush down in light stokes.
the napkins will stretch a little, but be careful and this practise it becomes easier, a loaded brush will soak, break excess pieces away.

See photos below for all the angles of the box. using parts of an image or wrapping it around the box makes it more interesting and look better placed.

Nest I coated the whole box in clear coat to protect it.

Then onto the decoration.  I made flowers using dies, water sprtizer and the viva blue paint / matching blue card and stamens / glue gun.

Cut two smallest flower shapes for each of the small flowers
cut three smallest flower shapes for the largest flower
spritz with water to soften


paint to preference

shape with embossing ball tools of different sizes and using a piece of high density foam or fine sponge

make holes in centre

twist and threat stamens through, gluing each layer from smallest to largest

I then proceeded to add a base of distressed twine (pull the threads loose), loose stamens, and die cut leaves which have been crumpled and to which distress inks applied, after which I glued the assembled flowers..

Some more photos of the box

Next up are the coasters and place mats, the place mats also just have parts of the image, place slightly off centre so they look just right.  Its a good idea to check your placing before going ahead and gluing with excitement!

Here are my essential products for this little set of altered items, all available from Anna Marie Designs' shop

Tackling the place mats took a lot longer, I underestimated how much my minimal approach would take but several hares and then only using part of images on all the mats just wouldn't look to good, so here's how they turned out:

Ive enclosed a closeup on one so you can see the texture after adhering the napkins and two coats of clear coat - i like the slightly textured shabby look :)

.. and last but not least the whole set - hope the recipient loves this gift as I certainly enjoyed making it!

Materials used (sorry not added links but are easily found in shops listed)
MDF Place Mats and Coasters set
Wine Bottle Box
Viva Colour Creme Paint
Klarlak Clear Coat (Matt)
Serviette Glue
Chalky Paint
Flower Stamens

From stash:
Magnolia Doo Hickey Leaf Dies
Spellbinders Floral Dies
Garden Twine
Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink
Evergreen Bough Distress Ink
embossing ball tip tools
Water Sprizter
PVA Glue

Wrendale Hare Brain Bunny serviettes / napkins (Note copyright on these and this project is for a gift)

I'm tired from all the warm weather so if there are any typo's I apologise LOL!

Be back soon with another make, but this time it will be a card.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Altered project and Fantabulous weather!

Well I've been absent and with good reason, what an amazing summer we're having and its only July!  This weather has to be a once in a few years event, surely?

The garden needs watering though and I cant remember when we last had rain, so we do need some soon, I think perhaps it'll happen next week and end up in a storm?? I've posted a few photos of my modest bedding plants in an array of home made wooden troughs (thanks to OH) and pots at the end of this post..just so you can nose if you're reading this post...

I was given a present of an mdf wine bottle box by a treasured friend who introduced me to Anna Marie Designs brand when I was back in Ireland, so I couldn't wait to visit the showroom and meet Anna Marie last year on my return to the UK. And being that I was only an hours drive away I visited and saw all the showroom samples and products and fell in love with it all.
I visiting the Create IT Events show in Leicestershire in June too, and had a good browse at all the stands, including Anna Marie's.

I started making altered items while on the Crafty Cutting Design team and loved that as it further challenged me beyond cards and I couldn't wait to finish the projects to see the end result, here's a link to the ones I had done before for those new to my blog.

Anyway when I saw the Anna Marie stuff I bought some additional items, and in here's a sneaky preview of the coasters and place mats I am altering, in addition to the wine bottle box.
I decided to use Wrendale Designs napkins (note these are copyrighted, so for personal use only and not to be used in items for sale).

Here are the products I'm using as well as an off white chalk paint - click on the photo for link to AMD's shop.

and here are the previews I'm sure you'll like

The wine bottle box comes flat ready for painting and assembly.

Painted with chalky paint and using a brush, introduce some of the Inka Gold steel blue shade

and the coasters in progress.. (sorry for the poor lighting but I have been doing some of these in the evening and got so carried away I forgot to take photos..

I will be back in a couple of days with the finished items, just finishing off and adding the Viva Decor KLARLACK Clear Coat (matt version), so they're drying and need a second coat tomorrow.

Some sunny flower pots as promised:

that's all for today, hugs!

Jess xx

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Deadline met! The biggest of the three blankets

Back after a mad few weeks, but so happy to see family from afar who came to visit in May, it had been way too long!

So I met the blanket deadline bit by bit and here is a snapshot taken rather hurriedly before gifting to my great nephew, so now I have two great nephews and a great niece and this blanket was the largest of the three as its suitable for a small bed and for a child to cuddle in front of the cartoons on the tele (or when camping!)

The blanket started out just in peach which is fine for a boy so after 400G I decided to change it and pulled it all back EEK. I had an idea to add pale aqua / pastel turquoise if there is such a thing??

I'm sure I spent more time sewing in ends (which I wanted to do well given this will be washed multiple times) than crocheting LOL But the stripes remind me of the seaside, sand water and bubbles 😉

I liked the end result BUT now I know I need smaller projects so mental note not to put myself under so much pressure, especially with CTS.  And a surprise today, date for hand surgery came through to relieve the carpal tunnel symptoms. Was told it will be about 2 mths wait, but letter quotes 20th July! I guess better to get it over with. I am fed up with night splints  which give me a lightly better sleep but still keep me awake and taking anti inflammatory tablets all day. My stomach and kidneys will be glad to get rid of those!!

So 10 days off and its an hr or two procedure so fairly quick. In the meantime I'm getting some more crafting in. What will I do if I cant have something creative in my hands for a few days? a few Netflix catch-ups and some reading.

Will pop back with something new soon. Enjoy your summer days, in-between the little bit of rain and hail, it has been nice and warm.