Friday, August 7, 2009

New Sandal Card With Box

I made a sandal card in a box in A5 size before, and wanted to make more, so here is another. I made a simple box myself too and this is a mini one, it is only 5 inches square.. hope you like it. I did some pricking on the straps and embossing (again!)

EDITED with information on how I did this - thanks for your comments Dawn!

1 make a box with standard scoring board

2 make the sandal:
*drawn a sandal sole and cut one smaller than the other, using fancy edge scissord if you wish to make a nice edge
* glue the inner to outer sole (emboss the inner sole if you like)
*cut two strips of card for the straps and insert these together in a small cut near the top half of the shoe (use a pricking tool if you like or emboss the strips before you thread them throught the sole)
* use DS tape and / or glue to secure the straps under the shoew and then to the card which has already been coloured and embossed as below:

3 the embossing / texture
* hammered white card embossed with the floral CB folder.
* used derwnet pencil crayons (use pastels or other pencil or wax crayons if you have them) to add colour to the raised embossed edges
* the technique of holding the coloured pencils I learnt while doing Art / drawing - hold the pencil or crayon parallel to the paper you are working on by using all your fingers down the lenth of the pencil IYKWIM this way you shade the embossed bits using the side of the coloured lead in the pencil and not the tip or normal 45 degree angle you would use to colour or hold a pen

hope this helps

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  1. so how did you do it? lol it is lovely I like the colours & CB embossing really makes it lots of texture.

    Love Dawn xx