Saturday, August 1, 2009


..well its pouring with rain so much, but there is some sunshine around.. there has to have been, cos I went looking for my courgette's to see how they were doing, and had to pick the first one because I think its a BIT bigger than it should be... and here are the beginnings of our raised beds for next year - a special pair of friends kindly shared their ideas, and I am very thankful!! okay its taking a while to move that mound of topsoil though...


  1. Well, ummmmm I really don't know what to say cos I am too busy pmsl at that rather suggestive looking piece of veg!!!! LOL

  2. well done Jess, it's a bit green Di, you do have a vivid imagination.Looks like its been in the wars as well. sorry Jess, no offence meant to the courgette I'm sure it tasted lovely.