Wednesday, February 4, 2015

it's been a little while

Sorry it's been a while, but my blogging and crafting was halted after a good start to the year :(  I hurt my right arm (not so handy if you're right handed!) in work and haven't been able to do anything for a while craft wise, but it's a lot better now thank goodness.. I don't make a good patient and can't sit still for long..
So although I have few new projects to share, I will be back with some more posts of goodies made a little while back.

I can't let a post go by without a craft photo, so here's my new ink pad storage - SO much better than routing around in drawers to find colours. I find myself doing more and more stamping and inking so this was a Christmas present I couldn't wait to receive.
And I didn't get all those ink pads in one go - they crept in one by one, as craft stash generally does LOL!!
The distress ink pads take up a little more room than they would normally - this is because I have the foam ink applicators stored with the pads - under the bottom of each ink pad and held by a hair band - it keeps my ink sponges and matching inks together for ease of use - I don't think you need a wooden inking tool for each colour this way, and it means you aren't washing your ink pads repeatedly.

If you want one, you can get them from
I had mine posted to Parcel Motel head office in Dublin because of the size..

I have managed to finish off a project I had started, so will share that later.

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