Saturday, February 14, 2009

LOVE Tilda stamps...

... just havent had much time to use them.. so here i a card I made recently AND my valentine's card for Peter. Also added here are a christening card and a bithday card using my Jemima Puddleduck Stamp - growing very attached to the Jemima stamp and everyone seems to like her!!


  1. Oh Jess these cards and the ones in your previous post are gorgeous!!!

    So very sorry to hear about Sausage too - very sad but you gave him a loving home and the best possible chance he had. It takes a kind heart to do that.

  2. Hi Jesss,
    Great cards. My cards you left comments on a from a CD and I just duplicated the images!!

  3. Gorgeous cards Jess, love them all. I am also sorry to hear about little Sausage, you were very kind to take him in and he had the best time with you :)

    Elaine x